Alasdair Dimmick
Alasdair Dimmick

Eastern Bloc

A3 print (framed)
Frame size: 54 x 43.3 cm
Image size: 35 x 23.2 cm
Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm archival paper


A3 print (unframed)
Image size: 35 x 23.2 cm on A3
Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm archival paper


This was my very first attempt at a double exposure. I remember late at night trying to figure out how I could make my own without doing it the traditional way which involves winding the camera in a particular way. 


The method I chose is to layer the two images together in photoshop and then adjust the blending mode to let both images overlay each other. I prefer this technique as it allows me the freedom to be more selective and also to express myself more easily. Funnily enough, this technique is something I learnt when I was a teenager and I’ve enjoyed revisiting the creative enthusiasm of my youth as I’ve started working this way again. 


In this image, one of the photographs is a view of Frankfurt from a trip I went on just before lockdown when I started experimenting with film again, and the other is a view from my window. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the organised geometric lines of the football field and the seemingly random arrangement of people wandering across it. If you look closely you can even spot someone doing a wee jig. 


I was stunned at the result of this first attempt and loved the surreal outcome of this dreamy setting I had created.  




Hauptwache plaza, Frankfurt, February 2020


View from my flat, Glasgow 2020



Framed, Unframed

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