Alasdair Dimmick
Alasdair Dimmick

High Flying Pigeons

A3 print (framed)
Frame size: 54 x 43.3 cm
Image size: 35 x 23.2 cm
Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm archival paper


A3 print (unframed)
Image size: 35 x 23.2 cm on A3
Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm archival paper


A lot is happening in this image yet everything seems to fit. I still find new details in this piece each time I look at it and I was incredibly flattered to have been told it reminds some people of a Bruegel piece which is huge praise. 


I vividly remember being in the park the day I took this, and feeling inspired as it was my first time photographing in the snow. I knew all the people out sledging would make for an interesting composition. This piece taught me about how to use snow as a blank canvas for other images to blend through. 


I enjoy movement in images and the other photo of the flying pigeons adds this effect but also intensifies the surreal and atmospheric setting I am attempting to create. I remember taking the image of the birds very quickly and instinctively, moving naturally with my camera as they moved naturally in flight. The final result is quite dreamlike and reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock film, ‘The Birds’.




Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, Winter 2021

Bingham’s Pond, Glasgow, Autumn 2021



Framed, Unframed

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